Documents Needed


Begin by assembling the following documents:


  • The original Marriage Certificate
  • The original Birth Certificate of non-Lebanese spouse
  • The original Birth Certificate of each child

(Actually, the required documents for each case are enumerated on the respective application form posted on the website of the appropriate consulate)

Steps to Follow:

Step 1: If you know your family’s registration number in your ancestral village, complete the Application for Family Civil Registry, also known as a Family Ikhraj Qayd. If you do not know it, please fill out the Information Request Form, providing all the details, and we will inquire about it on your behalf.

Step 2: Fill out the appropriate form (Marriage, Birth, Divorce, Death, Cohabitation, Citizenship)

In the case of Marriage to a Non-Lebanese Woman:
One year after registering the marriage in the Vital Statistics Office in Lebanon, the following supporting documents are required to be presented to the appropriate Lebanese Embassies and Consulates:

  • 2 copies of a family civil registry record (Ikhraj Qayd)
  • Notarized petition (including husband's request and approval) in Arabic OR other language from the wife requesting Lebanese citizenship
  • Proof of cohabitation
  • 2 copies of the wife's birth certificate
  • 2 copies of the wife's passport showing the change in her last name
  • 2 copies of the Lebanese passport of the husband
  • 2 copies of the Lebanese Marriage Certificate
  • Registration is free of charge
  • 2 envelopes, stamped & self-addressed (NOT Fed-Ex, DHL, UPS or other)

Step 3: Mail the completed form(s) to the nearest Lebanese Embassy or Consulate which, in turn, will forward it/them to the proper Lebanese authorities for processing.

Step 4: Ask the Lebanese Embassy or Consulate for the File Tracking Number, the date of submission and the number of the diplomatic pouch in which your application was sent to Lebanon.

Step 5: Provide us with your tracking information above (Step Four), so we can assist in following up on your file.

If your paperwork is in order, your file will be automatically processed and activated. You will be informed by the Lebanese Embassy or Consulate of your status.

Sources: Register Lebnani & Maronite Foundation

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