Why Register?

"You should be proud of being an American, but you should also be proud that your fathers and mothers came from a land upon which God laid His gracious hand and raised His messengers" - Khalil Gibran

[Source: I believe in you- (to the Americans of Lebanese origin)]

No matter where we go, no matter how long we have been in the US, we will always be Lebanese descendants; we will always have Lebanese Roots that we need to be proud of.

We should register in Lebanon in order to maintain the demographic balance there; in order to help make sure Lebanon’s Future is Properly Shaped, whereby Lebanese society maintains its confessional and cultural diversity and its open nature, so that Lebanon remains a source of pride for us and our offspring.

We should register in Lebanon in order to  make sure Lebanon remains, as we know it, "an Island of Democratic Ideals, a Message of Freedom, a Living Example of Coexistence and Conviviality, and a Symbol of Pluralism for both the East and the West" (Source: Pope John Paul II: "The Apostolic Exhortation: A New Hope for Lebanon," 1997).

More specifically, we should Register in Lebanon for 10 reasons:

  1. To preserve our pride in our Lebanese roots;
    - by maintaining the demographic balance         
    - by maintaining the confessional and cultural diversity
  2. To maintain the connection of our present and future to our past;
  3. To travel to Lebanon without a visa and be able to vote;
  4. To earn the right to own property in Lebanon;
  5. To earn the right to invest and establish business in Lebanon;
  6. To earn the right to work in Lebanon;
  7. To earn the right to the privileges of the free trade market agreements between Lebanon and many Arab countries;
  8. To earn the right to hold a job in the Lebanese government;
  9. To earn the right to tax exemption with no condition of reciprocity; and,
  10. To earn the right to inherit property and values.

The value of registering our status to take advantage of the rights of registration goes far beyond the political or economic realm. It goes to the heart of the perpetuation of our culture, custom and traditions. If our children are to have a sense of the values and heritage that is theirs by birth, then the most valuable gift to be given to them is to make the connection to their roots.

Do You Know That…

  • Lebanese registration is yours for the asking if you fill out the official forms and provide the necessary documents?
  • Lebanese registration is a free service and can be done at any time with no age limit for children?
  • Lebanon's compulsory military service was abolished in 2005 under Law 665?
  • There are many times as many people of Lebanese descent in the world as in Lebanon itself?
  • Registration will give you advantages as you do official work in Lebanon, such as finding and keeping ancestral property rights?
  • Registration of your children and family members is one of the best ways to help pass to them the heritage that is theirs?


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Lebanon needs this vast reservoir of goodwill as it struggles to

retain its sovereignty and independence!




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