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No matter where we go, no matter how long we have been in the US, we will always be Lebanese descendants; we will always have Lebanese Roots that we need to be proud of. To preserve our pride in our Lebanese roots, we need to register in Lebanon in order to

- Maintain the demographic and political power-sharing balance in Lebanon

- Help make sure Lebanese society maintains its confessional and cultural diversity and its open nature.

For this purpose, Project Roots will help, FREE OF CHARGE, all Americans of Lebanese descent register their marriages and child births in Lebanon. You just sign the forms, give/email us a COPY of the required documents, and we do the rest, including following up on your file with the proper authorities!

If you need to register your marriage or child birth(s) in Lebanon, or if you need any information about the process and/or your eligibility, start by filling out the following registration request form and we will refer you to the appropriate regional coordinator for follow up:

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Last updated: Nov 21st 2012