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The Christian Lebanese Foundation in the World, the Maronite Eparchies, and all the other Lebanese Churches in the US have Joined Together to Help ALL Americans of Lebanese Descent, through Project Roots & CLFW, to Register their Marriages and/or Child Births in Lebanon, FREE of CHARGE.

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If you are of Lebanese descent, and you believe that ALL people of Lebanese descent all over the world should be able to obtain their Lebanese Citizenship because it is their BIRTH RIGHT; if you WANT your Lebanese Citizenship, you WANT to register in Lebanon because you care, because it is your right, please click HERE to sign our petition and share it with all your friends and relatives! Thank you!




Director: Nada Salem Abisamra

Contact: Tel: (917) 755-0499 || Email: admin@clfw.org

Last updated: Jun 14th 2015

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