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PROJECT ROOTS... A Project of The Maronite Bishops of America and The Maronite Foundation In the World, in Collaboration with all the

Middle Eastern Christian Churches.

The Maronite Foundation In the World, the Eparchies of Saint Maron and Our Lady of Lebanon, and all the Middle Eastern Christian Churches are Joining Together to Help People Reconnect with Their Roots in Lebanon and the Middle East.

Offices have been established throughout the United States to assist, FREE of CHARGE, all Americans of Lebanese descent who are interested in:


 1. Obtaining their sacramental records from their country of origin;

 2. Connecting with family members living in their places of origin and throughout the world where they emigrated;

 3. Obtaining Lebanese citizenship;

 4. Obtaining immigration records; and/or,

 5. Remaining connected with their Original Mother Church in the US and throughout

     the world.