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Project Roots is an endeavor of the Maronite Bishops of America and the Maronite Foundation in the World in Collaboration with the Middle Eastern Churches.

You are now into a website that helps you connect with your roots.  We are glad that you showed some interest to look into our website.  We invite you to navigate through, utilize our links, and familiarize yourselves with the facilities available.  We are here to serve you and we work for the benefit of all.  Do not hesitate to contact us for any query or question or to avail yourselves of the free services that we render for the sake of the common good.

Project Roots aims to bring Americans of Middle Eastern ancestry into contact with their kinsfolk in the motherland.  We encourage you to go back and connect with your roots and give moral support to your relatives remaining there. We will provide you with all assistance required to achieve that end.  Our services are free and open to all Americans of Middle Eastern origin.

May God bless you and yours!

Father Abdallah E. Zaidan, M.L.M.



Are You of Lebanese Descent?

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To Obtain Status in 

"The Land of Your Fathers"


The Maronite Foundation In the World, the Eparchies of Saint Maron and Our Lady of Lebanon, and all the Middle Eastern Churches in the US are Joining Together to Help People Reconnect with Their Roots in Lebanon and the Middle East.

Offices have been established throughout the United States to assist, FREE of CHARGE, all Americans of Lebanese descent who are interested in:


 1. Obtaining their sacramental records from their country of origin;

 2. Connecting with family members living in their places of origin and throughout the world

     where they emigrated;

 3. Obtaining Lebanese citizenship;

 4. Obtaining immigration records; and/or,

 5. Remaining connected with their Original Mother Church in the US and throughout the world.

Registration maintains the connection of our present and future to our past. The value of registering vital events (birth, marriage, death, etc.) and the ability to take advantage of basic rights go to the heart of perpetuating Lebanese culture, customs, and traditions.

"We encourage you, if you’re eligible, to act now to take advantage of your birth right as a Lebanese citizen. We also strongly encourage you not to deprive your child(ren) of the benefits and legal rights that Lebanese nationality confers to them: rights of property, inheritance, political and social rights.

Registration merely provides a continuous record of life events (birth, marriage, death, etc.) in public offices in Lebanon. If you register life events, it does not mean you are giving up any rights to other citizenships you hold."

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