Mission Statements: Project Roots & CLFW

Project Roots:

Project Roots is an endeavor of the Christian Lebanese Foundation in the World (CLFW), the Maronite Eparchies, and all the other Lebanese Churches in the US; it aims to help, free of charge, all Americans of Lebanese descent connect with their roots and register their Vital Life Events (mainly births and marriages) to obtain status in Lebanon, in order to maintain the confessional and cultural diversity there.

Project Roots seeks to help make sure Lebanon’s Past is Preserved, Lebanon’s Present is Honored, and, more importantly, Lebanon’s Future is Properly Shaped, whereby Lebanese society maintains its freedom and its open nature, so that Lebanon remains a source of pride for us and our offspring.

Project Roots seeks to help make sure Lebanon remains an Island of Democratic Ideals, a Message of Freedom, a Living Example of Coexistence and Conviviality, and a Symbol of Pluralism for both the East and the West.

CLFW: www.clfw.org

The Christian Lebanese Foundation in the World (CLFW) is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to preserve Lebanon’s specificity: its pluralistic society, its confessional conviviality, and its cultural diversity, through preserving the demographic balance among the different religious communities in Lebanon. For that purpose, it strives to register all Americans of Lebanese descent in the official registry of the Lebanese administration.


CLFW will also organize, lead, and promote social and ethnic programs that aim to

- Strengthen the ties between American Lebanese and their mother land; and

- Educate Christian Lebanese and individuals of Lebanese descent living in the United States about their rights with regard to citizenship and voting in Lebanon.


CLFW will reach out to individuals of Lebanese descent residing in the United States and assist them in registering their vital events in Lebanon

- By conducting seminars and non-partisan registration drives;

- By operating information booths at community activities and religious gatherings;

- By mailing registration materials; and

- Through the CLFW’s website.

CLFW will conduct youth programs that include --but are not limited to-- organizing educational trips to Lebanon for young Americans of Lebanese descent with the purpose of 

- Introducing Lebanon to the youth of Lebanese immigrants;

- Strengthening the relationship between Lebanese residents and the diaspora; and

- Giving the youth a first-hand Lebanese experience to incite pride in their Lebanese roots, encourage them to register in Lebanon, and motivate them to encourage their friends and families to register in their country of origin.



Director: Nada Salem Abisamra

Contact: Tel: (917) 755-0499 || Email: nada@projectroots.net

Last updated: Jun 14th 2015